Trading bots for passing prop firm

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MT4 Trade Copier

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Worlds fastest mt4 trade copier software. Custom master license MetaTrader 4 trade copier. Connect one account to multiple MT4 trading accounts and copy all trades from one single account. This master license version allows you to run this service automatically without the need to ever pay a company again. Simply load the software onto your PC, laptop or VPS and start copying trades from one account to multiple trading accounts across different brokers. You can also use this to whitelabel your own trade copying services. hft trading bot setup
  • mt4 trading bot helpTrade copy mt4 to mt4
  • Fastest trade copier in the market
  • Unlimited slave trading accounts
  • Support multiple brokers
  • Free Personal Setup & Support

Prop Firm Passer EA

If you're looking to get funded via a prop firm this is your EA that will do the job. Prop Firm Passer EA is another licensed official expert advisor which has been used by thousands of traders around the world to pass prop firms. Traders have decided to start selling this as a service to others which has become a booming business. Use yourself and get funded. hft trading bot setupmt4 trading bot help
  • Passes single and two step challenges
  • Master License - Unlimited Use
  • Minimum account size $10,000
  • Can be used on live trading account once funded
  • Only available on MetaTrader 4
  • Prop firms that allow HFT and MT4